August 16, 2022

Enlarge / iRobot Roomba j7+ robot vacuum. (credit: iRobot)

Roomba launched the iRobot OS today to signal its robotic household cleaners’ advanced software capabilities. As of writing, it only rebrands the two-year-old Genius Home Intelligence AI platform, but the company aims for it to be a leading computer vision platform that differentiates its robot vacuums and mops and eventually moves to other products, like air purifiers.

iRobot OS doesn’t include any new features yet but represents iRobot’s focus on “superior software intelligence,” Colin Angle, chairman and CEO of iRobot, said in a statement shared in Roomba’s announcement.

As it stands, Roomba’s iRobot OS-powered devices use computer vision to avoid, depending on the product, up to 80 “common objects,” like cords, socks, and, oh so importantly, animal waste. In fact, the OS is rather pet-friendly, also including features like “Keep Out Zones,” so your dog doesn’t start a fight with your robo vac for sniffing around its food bowl. It can also recommend cleaning schedules, including based on when your furry friend tends to shed. If you want to see all that iRobot OS has to offer, the strongest iteration is the Roomba J7-series, which came out in September and uses a front-facing camera in conjunction with computer vision to understand its environment’s layout better than any other iRobot robot.

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